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The Single Girls Guide to Fitness and Nutrition in The City: PART 2

by Melissa Paris & Jessica Moy

Although I'm married and have been with the same man for almost 8 years, I DID date once too, and I have lots of friends of all ages in the singles scene.

No matter if you are married or dating, as a women the sexiest thing you can wear, is confidence…I don’t know much about fashion BUT I do know a lot about fitness and what it can do for your self esteem. Read on for tips on improving your confidence from the inside - out.

All the Single Ladies!

by Melissa Paris

Living in the city isn't easy, especially when you work hard, play hard and are living the single life. There's no doubt that you've got a tough fight ahead of you when it comes to eating right, finding time to work out, staying motivated and taking time out for yourself. Single Ladies? We've got your back on this one! Read on for Part 1 of our comprehensive guide to healthily conquer it all. Read more...

Team Effort

by Melissa Paris

Due to the overwhelming response on last week's "Fight The Relationship Fat" feature - we've created a guide to Staying fit and Eating right tips for couples. Read more...

Fight the Relationship Fat!

by Melissa Paris

Did you know that in the first year of a relationship you can gain up to 10 pounds?
From romantic meals and delicious desserts, to cozy nights in with takeout and a movie. It all adds up, and it can be difficult to get back on the wagon once you've fallen off.
We've been there and we know exactly how you feel... Read more...

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