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Bicycle Crunch

Lying on your back with hands interlocked behind your head, bring one knee into your chest and the other leg straight a few inches above the ground. While alternating knees into chest also bring opposite elbow towards knee that’s close to chest. Keep feet close to the ground and lift shoulders off that ground on each abdominal twist. Breath throughout.

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Start with your back to a bench and heels on the ground. Place hands (fingers facing butt) behind you just outside of your butt. While keeping butt close to the bench move yourself out a few inches away from the bench, bend at he elbows and lower body towards the ground until elbows are at 90 degrees. Push yourself back to start with hands so you feel the muscles in the back of your arms working. Repeat. Inhale as your lower your body and exhale as you straighten arms.

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Incline Pushups

Facing a bench place hands shoulder distance apart and feet on the ground. Lower body towards the bench by bending at the elbows. Make sure back and butt are flat and lower at the same time. Inhale as you lower and exhale as you push away.

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Jumping Jacks

Start with feet together and arms at side. Simultaneously while jumping feet out to the sides also bring straight arms above head. Return to start position and repeat move as fast as possible. Breath throughout.

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Alternate stepping forward with each foot. As foot approaches the ground push through the front heel and come back to start position. Repeat on the other side. Inhale as you step forward and exhale as you step back to start.

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Mountain Climber

Start in plank position. Bring right knee in towards right elbow and simultaneously while jumping right leg back bring left knee in towards left elbow. Move as fast as possible to increase heart rate. Breath throughout exercise.

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Face down with weight in your hands and feet make sure back and butt are flat. Squeeze your belly button towards your spine to engage your deep abdominal muscles, continue breathing. Make sure your armpits are directly over your hands.

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Starting in a plank position with hand just outside of shoulders and weight of your body in hands and toes. Lower your body to the ground in one straight line by bending at the elbows. When you are a few inches away from the ground push yourself back to start position and repeat. Inhale as you lower and exhale as you push back to start position.

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Shoulder Taps

Staying in a stable plank position with weight in hands and feet and butt and back are flat, alternate reaching right hand towards left shoulder and repeat with right hand. Try to move as fast as possible while maintaining a steady breath. Engage your navel towards your spine and armpits are over hands.

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Side Plank

Start by lying on your side with feet and legs stacked. Rise hips and legs up by putting weight in your forearm and side of bottom foot. Look forward to keep chest open and armpits stacked over one another. Engage core and breath throughout.

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Start with feet hip width distance apart. Lower body towards the ground by bending at the knees. Putting your weight in your heels push back up to start position. Inhale as you lower and exhale as you come back up to start position.

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Step Ups

Start facing a bench or sturdy step. Place right foot on the bench and step up to the top by pushing through the right heel. Step back to starting position by stepping back down with right foot. Repeat on left side.

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