Melissa Paris Fitness

Dec 20, 2013

The Single Girls Guide to Fitness and Nutrition in The City: PART 2

by Melissa Paris & Jessica Moy

Although I'm married and have been with the same man for almost 8 years, I DID date once too, and I have lots of friends of all ages in the singles scene.

No matter if you are married or dating, as a women the sexiest thing you can wear, is confidence…I don’t know much about fashion BUT I do know a lot about fitness and what it can do for your self esteem. Read on for tips on improving your confidence from the inside - out.

Relax and Meditate

Finding 5 minutes to relax and look after yourself is challenging in the city.
But a major part of being healthy is being of sound mind.  We created a 5-minute meditation that promises to center your mind, clear your head and leave you feeling grateful, heartfelt and inspired.

— Find a quiet, comfortable place, where you won’t be distracted.
— Sit with your back straight. Place your hands in a comfortable position.
— Allow your eyes to rest comfortably downward, gazing softly but not focused on anything.
— Let your breathing become deep and rhythmic. It’s okay to let your attention drift a bit, but stay relaxed.
— If your eyes become heavy, let them close.
— Don’t worry about doing it right. You simply want to clear your head, and relax.

Ignore The Scales

We’ve all be there - stepping on the scales in the morning, then 2 days later being thrown off track when it says something a lot different. It’s important to remember that weight can fluctuate and this is normal. Don’t measure your fitness/health goals entirely in pounds. Monitor it by how your clothes fit and how you are feeling.

Mirror, Mirror

When you’re feeling bloated, run down, not fit, etc - it’s easy to avoid the mirror and not take the time to really look at yourself.
The only way you can deal with body issues and confidence is deal with them head on - which is why it’s important to spend 5 mins each day looking at your entire body and instead of criticizing it - appreciating it. Yes we all have areas we think we want to improve on - but when was the last time you looked at yourself and really appreciated your body. If you still find it hard to do - focus on one feature that you love and one that you don’t like and make a goal to improve the feature you like. This will help boost your confidence to no end.

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