Melissa Paris Fitness

Dec 10, 2013

Team Effort

by Melissa Paris

Due to the overwhelming response on last week's "Fight The Relationship Fat" feature - we've created a guide to Staying fit and Eating right tips for couples.

It is that time of year when everyone seems to be talking about resolutions and goal setting.  Not to get on my soap box about the importance of setting goals but it has been proven that if you set goals you are more likely to stay motivated to reach them.  One of the best ways to stay on track is to tell someone about your plans! I love sharing my goals with my husband for many reasons.  One he probably is the only one that has the patience to listen to my long lofty list and two he will help keep me on track when it may be the hardest. It is important to encourage each other to do your best ALWAYS and to communicate each other’s goals because we are each other’s biggest fans!

Workouts you can do together (for her and for him - especially the different muscle types)
Couples Total Body Workout
10-15 Pushups
30 seconds jumping jacks
60 Seconds Jump Rope
60-second wall sit
30 Mountain climbers
15 Sit-ups
15 Jumping lunges
10 Burpees
60-second forearm plank
15 Bicycle crunch
Repeat 3 times for 30 minute workout


Eating together is a no brainer - but when you cook together too - instead of ordering in, it not only gives you bonding time - but also encourages YOU BOTH to eat well. Lots of men love red meat - and while it’s a favorite menu item - it’s not always the best thing to be eating ALL the time. Switch it up with chicken, which is equally delicious and filling.

A quick fix for boring chicken, is to bake it and add some fresh rosemary or thyme. Serve with Quinoa and a side of asparagus for a delicious and filling meal that you can have fun making AND eating together. I found a great Chicken Pesto Bake Recipe here. Enjoy!

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