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Take It To Go

by Emily Jane

"HANGER" [noun] - A state of anger or immense irritation caused by lack of sufficient nourishment. Symptoms include, but are not limited to: Drowsiness, irritability, shorter than average fuse with spouse or partner, headaches, fatigue, and the overwhelming desire to use expletives as your primary source of communication.

It's worth noting, that the aforementioned symptoms are easily remedied, and no matter what WebMD tells you, you do not have dementia, mononucleosis, congestive heart failure, or cocaine abuse side effects. Step away from Google. You are just hangry. Read more...

New Beginnings

by Melissa Paris

After all the snow, wind, train delays, and long dark days, SPRING is in the air and soooooo is the NYC brunch scene! The bloody marys, mimosas, and sangria seem to be free flowing and getting cheaper by the glass. The bacon, eggs, and 2 slabs of toast don't seem like a bad idea after all.......


Chicken Tahini

by Melissa Paris

I’m often asked if 'Eating Clean' means cutting out all of the good stuff - the short answer is yes, BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy delicious AND nutritious meals. Read more...

Touch Down!

by Melissa Paris

Whether you're rooting for the Sea Hawks, betting on the Broncos or you just don't care and are waiting for Halftime Show, there's one thing you know is a sure bet...Super Bowl Snacks. Chicken Wings n' Beer, Chips, Dips and everything in between - it's easy to get caught up in the "stuff ya face" madness. Read more...

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

by Melissa Paris

Cupcakes, macaroons, candies and chocolates are the GO TO, when you're craving a little sugar - but if you're looking out for your health and watching your waist line, they're not exactly the smart choices. Naturally sweet, delicious and colorful, berries and similar fruits can make a fun sized snack, topping, or mashed into a recipe. Don't underestimate these little guys! Check out the Melissa Paris Fitness 'Ultimate Sweet Tooth Satisfier Guide!' Read more...

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