Melissa Paris Fitness

Feb 13, 2015

New Mom Quickie!

by Emily Jane

A quick way to get your burn on with an infant!

*Make sure you are cleared to exercise by your OBGYN before embarking on any exercise or workout regimen*

0-6 month easing back into the workout scene
Make sure Cleared by OBgyn to do exercise at comfort level

Approximately 30 minutes- Perfect for those quick baby power naps!
(Exercises can be made harder by adding weight/resistance/or time)

Plank 60 seconds
Dips 60 seconds
Lateral raises 60 seconds
(Repeat set 3x)

60 seconds Resistance band rows (wrap band around feet)
Side plank 30 seconds on each side
60 seconds Wall sit
(Repeat set 3x)

20 Squats
10 Walking Lunges Each Leg
30 seconds Pushups
(Repeat set 3x)

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