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May 08, 2015

Mommy Spotlight: Back Strengthening

by Melissa Paris

Let’s face it. Between lifting, and changing, and nursing, and picking up toys, and chasing a mobile child, (no matter what age), our backs can take a straight up beating. The result is fatigue, aches, and pains you never even knew existed before you brought life into the world. Another unpleasant side effect is bad posture, which truly can affect the way our bodies look and feel. It is imperative to keep those backs not only straight, but strong. Here are three of my favorites for remedying that “mommy back”, and keeping it strong for all the heavy lifting we do on a daily basis, no gym required!
All of these can be performed with a resistance band. No excuses!


What it works: Latissimus dorsi- lies along the backs of the ribs. The rhomboids of the upper back are the primary muscles used and the secondary muscles worked are your biceps.  Strengthening these muscles can improve posture, alleviate back pain, and make day to day tasks like carrying your baby much easier.  I do this exercise when I feel like I have spent the weekend carrying Auggie around. You know the feeling. A human shuttle bus.


These work shoulders, upper, and lower back.  This exercise can improve forward rolled shoulders and a hunched back.  I did a lot of this exercise while I was breast feeding.

Reverse Flies:

These work the upper back and shoulders. This exercise can improve posture and I do this when I have long spurts of sitting.  Sitting can tighten chest muscles giving you a hunched over look and eventually cause back pain.

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