Melissa Paris Fitness

Jun 15, 2013

Who needs weights when you have towels?

by Melissa Paris

As I promised, here is another exercise that could be replicated anytime, anywhere. Instead of using a towel, you can use a rolled up shirt or anything you can hold on to, be creative! Book your workout today! Sign up here

Lay flat on the floor and hold a rolled up towel by the ends. Straighten your arms over your head and perform a sit up, concentrating on your core to pull yourself up. Make sure you keep your back and your arms straight, no slouching! The change of the arm position, as opposed to your arms crossed at the back of your head or chest, intensifies the exercise, making it more effective than a regular sit up. The higher your arms are, the harder the exercise is because your extended arms adds more weight and challenges your abs to work harder.

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