Melissa Paris Fitness

Jun 24, 2013

Who Loves Core Exercises? We Do!

by Melissa Paris

The single leg wall sit is designed for endurance and strength. It’s also good for if you have back pain, any exercise that hits the core can prevent and help back problems. Do core strengthening exercises like this one, even for five minutes a day, and you’ll be able to notice the difference! Remember to keep your core tightened, thighs parallel to the ground, and your legs straight out throughout the entire workout!


-Begin with your back against a secure wall with your feet hip width apart
-Lower your thighs to a 90-degree angle at both your knees and waist
-Raise your leg so that is it parallel to the floor and keep your foot pointed to the ceiling so you are now on one leg
-Hold this position for 30 seconds and switch legs
-Pulse up and down for a more advanced version

WANT AN EXTRA CHALLENGE??Try adding free weights. While slowly raising your leg, raise both your arms to form a “T”. This should balance your body so you can stay stable and grounded. By the time your leg reaches its finishing position, your arms should be fully extended and in the shape of the “T”. As soon as you hit your finishing position, slowly reverse, placing your arms back on your sides and your foot grounded. Repeat this pattern on the other side. This is one rep. Complete 10 alternating reps.


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