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Apr 23, 2015

Food to Fuel Your Workout!

by Emily Jane

What you eat before and after a workout, can, surprisingly, make or break your progress in the gym. The general rule of thumb is that complex carbohydrates are ideal pre-workout fuel, while a mix of protein, green veggies, and a small amount of carbs post workout will fuel your energy stores and aid in muscle recovery. The problem arises for many people when they justify their post workout pizza with, “but bread is carbs! And cheese is protein!” Knowing the correct foods to put into your body will help you achieve your goals faster, and prevent self sabotage. Every time you hit the gym, blood rushes to the site of your most heavily used muscles, ushering with it much needed nutrients to repair and rebuild. What you fuel your body with is absolutely crucial in your quest for health, so we have some suggestions to get you started!

Pre-Workout Fuel:

High Sugar Fruits: Fruits like apples and bananas provide your body with a boost of energy, potassium helps maintain your muscles, and improves nerve function.

Banana Toast: Spread a piece of whole wheat toast with 1 tbsp of almond butter, add sliced bananas, and voila, you have a perfect mix of complex carbohydrates and protein to fuel you through any mix of cardio and weight lifting your little heart desires. Complex carbs will carry you through a workout much more efficiently than simple sugars, which provide a spike, and then a quick crash, leaving you feeling more lethargic than anything.

Coconut water: Electrolytes in coconut water provide serious hydration and sustainability in your workouts. It has been proven that those suffering from severe dehydration are actually given coconut water with through an IV drip, rehydrating them at a rapid rate.

Matcha Tea: Matcha increases energy levels ten fold, it also provides your body with much needed stamina and endurance to get through a grueling workout. Read more about the benefits of matcha, and try our Mango Matcha Smoothie, HERE

Cacao: Cacao is nature’s most perfect pre-workout. It contains iron, fiber, protein, and a boost of energy. Mix it into a smoothie made with frozen bananas and almond milk, (even add unsweetened coffee), for an all natural mochaccino. Try our Superfood Mochaccino, HERE


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