Melissa Paris Fitness

May 29, 2011

Exit Here For a Lifestyle Change!

by Melissa Paris

Do you ever feel like your doing the same old thing at the gym? Or just trying to "fit it in"? We are all busy, always on the go, and looking for a way to cram the most in, in the shortest amount of time possible! Well I am going to challenge you to take a deep breath, count to 3, and take some time for yourself.

Over the next 16 weeks, I challenged one of my dear friends, who is one of the busiest and sought after celebrity status photographers to challenge himself physically with my 16-week body transformation program.
Brian is a gifted photographer who is well known for his creativity and imagination for shooting upscale weddings, special events, and portraits.  Although his job is very physical, lifting heavy equipment and sometimes getting in the most awkward positions to get that “perfect” shot, it’s time for Brian to start incorporating a stricter fitness routine into his already demanding schedule.
Brian is 180 lbs. and wants to loose around 15lbs. and be able to tackle the day-to-day tasks of his job with complete ease!  Over the next few weeks I will post Brian’s workouts, some example meal plans, his updated stats including measurements, and pictures!  Enjoy!



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