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Apr 30, 2011

A Guide to Eating Out.

by Melissa Paris

Besides working out and cooking fresh and inventive dinners, I LOVE to socialize. Most of the time this means dining out with friends, family and colleagues. If you're trying to be "healthy", eating out can set you back from all the hard work you put in the days before.

I have come up with so many ways to stay on track. First I tried picking the location for the group, then I tried having only a glass of wine and avoiding high fat/salty restaurant foods all together, lastly I tried avoiding socializing (if you know me at all this was the most bound to fail).  Guess what none of it worked.  What I have come up with, and its still growing, is a list of restaurants that seem to be reputable in the ever-popular term “FARM TO TABLE”. Click here for more info.

If I am going to eat out I want to eat the freshest, locally grown, in season, nutrient dense foods possible.  I am NOT saying just because your scotch comes from a grain grown in Upstate NY you can have more than the usual.  What I am saying is, it may be a better choice than something mass-produced in a factory. Some places I have dined at below.

ABC Kitchen
Market Table
Green Table
Blue Hill
The Wright
Gramercy Tavern
Candle 79
Gotham Bar and Grill
Rouge Tomate
Pure Food and Wine

More to come…and feel free to add to the list:-)

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