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Sep 19, 2014

Beauty Bite: Dandelion Root

by Emily Jane

When it comes to your garden, dandelions are the Kanye West of horticulture. No one wants them around, and when you see one, all you want to do is yank it from the ground and question it’s very existence. But before you get all weed-wacker happy, be aware that you’re obliterating one of the most powerful bloat banishers there is. That’s right, this canary colored destroyer of lawn aesthetics and intruder amongst your perfectly manicured landscape is actually a vital player in the bloat beating game. Trying to comprehend that not only is this weed a coveted dietary aide, but that you may one day pay money to possess this invasive little intruder that adorns sidewalk cracks, boggles the mind. After learning of this superfood’s superpowers you’ll be running to pay money for something you once paid to gleefully abolish via plant poison. Here are some of this magical weed’s benefits:

Digestive Aid: Dandelion root helps soothe stomach upset and decreases bloating. Drink it in tea form before bed to stimulate your digestive tract and promote digestion.

Kidney Aid: It acts as a mild diuretic that helps flush the kidneys of salt, waste, and excess water retention.

Antioxidants: Every part of the dandelion, from stem to leaves, contains free radical fighting antioxidants. It also possess phytonutrients that may inhibit the growth of some cancers

Immune System
– Studies have shown that dandelion boosts immune function and fights off microbes and fungi.

So there you have it. Even though they may never be welcome on your lawn, you’d be wise to stash dandelion greens in your kitchen. Add them to juices, drink roasted dandelion root tea, or even blend them into smoothies. Of course, don’t go picking them up off a yard that has been doused in pesticides; that defeats the whole purpose. They are, however, quite resilient, as any homeowner can attest to, and so they can be grown easily in pots. So go ahead, grow some weed.

...I see a nutrient powerhouse…


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