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Jul 22, 2014

Beauty Bite: Beetroot

by Emily Jane

The modest glow getter...

The often overlooked, lowly, beet. It is unassuming, and quite frankly, unattractive sitting on the grocery store produce shelves. They look a little bit like something a Disney witch would throw into a cauldron, cackling all the while. Beets generally rank right up next to radishes, brussel sprouts, and all those things that as children, we were hard wired to refuse on no basis other than the sheer mention of their names. This subliminal priming may be the reason we avoid gnarled looking, inconspicuous vegetables-but beets, like many roots, are powerhouses of nutrition.



Vitamins and minerals:

- Potassium: An electrolyte, good for heart health, lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of developing kidney stones

- Magnesium: Relaxes the muscles and nervous system

- Fiber: Keeps intestines and colon functioning, improves digestion

- Phosphorus: Aids in the development of healthy bones, teeth, and nerve cells

- Iron: A natural remedy for iron deficient anemia, delivers oxygen to the blood

- Vitamin A: Antioxidant well known for it’s ability to ward off wrinkles

- Folic Acid: Combats depression, produces new cells (vital during pregnancy), and aids in the maintenance of vital existing cells

Beauty Booster:
Beetroot juice has been shown to help the body respond better to exercise by balancing oxygen use and increasing stamina, and is an incredible natural detoxifier for our heavily burdened livers. Beets contain an exceptionally high number of anthocyanins, and so they have a definitive link to improved skin and hair. This, combined with quite a high iron content, means beets can bring life back to dull complexions, dandruff riddled hair, and deliver the always sought after, ever elusive “glow”, sans makeup. It aids in boosting the metabolism while keeping skin moisturized and blemish free, fighting the dreaded onset of wrinkles all the while.

So how does one prepare this magical root? It seems that the most convenient way to maximize the nutritional benefits of beets is to juice them. They have quite a strong taste, and can be a bit too potent to drink completely straight, so it is best to mix them with other vegetables. They can also be steamed, roasted, shredded and made into “beet burgers”, or integrated into salads. Once sliced open, beets are a gorgeous magenta color that will stain everything from your hands, to your clothes, to your dog and children, so handle with care.

beet juice

1/2 beet root, peeled and washed

5 carrots

4 sizeable chunks of pineapple


Quick Summary:



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