Melissa Paris Fitness

Jun 23, 2013

An Uncommon Superfruit To Spice Up Your Dishes

by Melissa Paris

We all know about apples, bananas, watermelons and pears and know exactly where they are at the grocery store when we want to grab them. But what about the neglected but amazingly awesome fruit that goes unnoticed? Whole Foods carries so many different fruits that it’s easy for uncommon fruits to go unnoticed. While scanning the fruit section, I came across star fruit and decided to purchase it. It was definitely a good investment!

- It is a yellowish star shaped fruit that’s a combination of sour and sweet, similar to an apple, not very sweet, but it’s good for a crunch
- It’s high in vitamin C, so it’s a good antioxidant that boosts your immune system. So whenever you have a cold, cough, or a fever to overcome, do not fear, eat star fruit! Also known to cure headaches (aka hangovers) and joint pain
- Perfect for a post workout or hot yoga sesh! i.e. throw it on top of a salad and drizzle it with an apple dressing or cut in slices as a cute snack to munch on

- BUT BE CAREFUL…star fruit should NOT be eaten by people who have kidney problems and much like grapefruit, star fruit may interfere with certain medications so talk to your doctor before experimenting!

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